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The Velino-Sirente Plateau
a land to discover….a land to live

"E quindi passai in terra d'Abruzzi dove gli uomini e le femine vanno in zoccoli su pé monti"
Frate Cipolla
(Decameron, giornata sesta - novella decima)

The Sirente-Velino Plateau and The regional Park is an area rich of villages which are located over beautiful High Plateau ( 1500mt ), in the beauty of Aterno Valley and along the perimeter of ancient Fucino Lake. Wild and uncontaminated nature and history of people are in competition to habit since always and the traveller can not notice this extraordinary charm of the land which still tells so thousand histories of yesterday and today with its colours, shake, architectures,traditions, flavours. Its life.

During beautiful season which starts with Springtime and goes on in Summer and sometimes in Autumn, one can appreciate and live so many moments of this incredibile Mountain landscape which develops between 800 mt and 2.487 mt of Velino Mountain.
Nature and History of mountain people since always habit this territory. Deep signs of far geological eres together with the strong presence of man in this area and in the villages where the man has left an unique aspect in the architecture, in holy places or succeeding in cultivating the hard grounds or more promoting pasture.

It is possible to visit Villages that still conserve South orientation with stone architectures, special tunnels for walking in the centre during winter, view points, little places, fountains and watching towers, palaces and residential castles. In Summer several events are organised downtown the old villages to taste a delightful walk and the magic of these places: wine-bars, live concerts, showings, fleamarkets, local products’ markets, theatral events are offered. Archeological sites are in the area like Megalithic Necropolis in Fossa, the Roman City of Alba fucens, Pile-dwellings Village of Fucino to fall in great atmosphere of past. The knowledge of these sites is possible to master thanks to very good Abruzzo touristic guides . Bookings and informations are available at the touristic office in Ovindoli or Rocca di Mezzo.

Our green Highlands and wonderful Appenines are indeed in this season an extraordinary theatre to practise several sports. One can choose Hiking along different tracks easy and difficult for total amount 370 kms. In Summer a program of excursions for everybody is organized by Alpine Guides who can guide not only up to the mountains but also explain so many curiosities, other hikings and nature in our Park. Who wants to train can choose Nordic Walking with the chance to do by himself or with experts. The highland of Le Rocche is also equipped with a Bicycle Path which permits to go from one village to another by mountain-bike otherwise it is also possible to walk it slowly or running. Besides by bike road it is possible to organize big tours in all the area of the Park from Ovindoli to little old villages of Aterno Valley and Celano or going to L’Aquila and back from Campo Felice highland. An other sport to practice is horse-riding.

Hidden at the entrance of Arano Valley is the cliff climbing with different ways (5abc-6abc-7ab). Not so far, a nice archery centre too . Some areas for children and families are available such as La Pinetina, The Birtches’ Park also equipped with sport ground to play Football, Tennis and Volleyball. For children the offer is complete with Educational Farms to know animals and their habits, the production of local cheeses or Honey, Creative activities for children and families who want to play finally together. Living Mountain in summer is above all the pleasure to discover a great experience of quality.
We wait for you at Ovindoli.


Via Del Ceraso, 178
67046 - Ovindoli (AQ)
Tel. [+39] 0863 705221
P.IVA 01340580669

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